Hey! Welcome to my (unfinished) game, Pigment Forest. Pardon the many placeholder graphics.

It was made by me, Igor Hatakeyama, in the span of... I dunno, less than 60 hours for the Games Factory Jam 9 - OWGJ 16.

I had tons of fun making this game, even though I didn't finish it properly. The core mechanics are all there, though! I always wanted to experiment with the idea of working with different colors and mixing them together.

WASD To move
Space to Jump
CTRL to interact

v3: Patched the faulty collider that made you fall into the void. Embarassing.

v4: patched a text bug. Now i'm going to bed

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorIgoru イゴル
Made withUnity

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